Oct 20 –  12th Breakfast Anniversary —  Theme:  “We will go” Isaiah 6:8
Nov. 17 to 18 Leaders Retreat
Nov. 25 – Catch Fire
Nov. 30 to Dec 2 BCFR (Selected)
Dec 9 – Commitment/Advent Retreat/Lord’s Day Celebration
Dec 15 – Christmas Family Gathering

Directorates 2003 to 2012

Directorates 2003 to 2012


Bro Sol & Sis Lolit, Bro Ace & Sis Sheryl, Bro Ariel & Sis Tess


Aug 2 – Jo C./Gaine D

Christmas season has its magical way of stirring the ‘inner joy of giving’ in many of us. It’s almost instant and BCBP Bulacan Chapter was once again stirred up. We found the season as another opportune time to extend God’s love to others. Similar to the previous years, BCBP spent Christmas 2011 reaching out for the poor and the needy. The activity, so called” Invite Jesus” gave us another chance to be with Christ, through His best representative on earth- the poor. Why the poor?


Jesus said in Mathew 25:40, “Verily I say unto you, in as mush as you have done it unto one of the least of my brethren, you have done it unto me.”


The passage reminds that Jesus is among us in the guise of the poor and marginalized. “Poor” are those who lack basic good things on earth – food, clothing, and shelter, and whose hand-to-mouth existence gather what to others are wastes in order to live. Defining them as such is in no way an offense or degradation but an acceptance of what the earth understands. In fact, we are grateful because through their existence we have ample chances of knowing who Jesus is and what humility and simplicity is all about.

How did we invite Jesus? A poor family was chosen by taking the risks in going to slam areas and talking to strangers. Some rejected and ignored us but through prayers and guidance of the Holy Spirit, a family responded to our invitation without intimidation. God truly worked with us.


The ‘Invite Jesus’ experience is very special. More than festivity and gift giving, we spent one whole day with the family and rejoice Christmas with them. Together, we asked for God’s blessings by attending the Holy Mass, ate lunch in a most-desired fastfood chain, enjoyed a walk in the park and mini zoo, sung Christmas carols, played games, and shared life stories.


We ended that memorable day in worship and prayers. In that moment, Jesus show forth His Glory. We were moved by the sweet smile of the children and tears of joy of the parents. Their gratefulness captured our hearts. More than rewarded, we felt very beautiful inside. God let us experience how it is to be with Jesus. Indescribable!


The ‘Invite Jesus’ experience made me feel poor in some ways. I recognized the spiritual poverty in me. There are many blessings I often overlooked, taken for granted, and forget to be grateful of. Thanks to this family, who made me realize that where there is poverty of spirit, there is abundance of God. A day that started as just a call of goodwill ended up as a process of purification. That day brought out the best in me, beautifully purified me J


Indeed, Christmas is a wonderful time of the year. It is the irony that made us wonder, when days are shortest and the sun seems to forsaking the world, the Light, Christ was born. Through His light, we learn how to reach out the hopeless and depressed while our intentions are being purified. Yes, we are God’s imperfect instruments, but the Lord is working on us, if only we reconcile and rediscover the importance of our intentions and unselfish gestures felt during Christmas, one day, we hope, we will fill the world with God’s praise.


Blessing and Honor, Glory and Power, be to our God, forever and ever.


2-Nancy S

3-Malu A

10-Bong L

12-Lolit C

23-Gina C

25-Sonia B

 26-Elvie J

27-Ferdie R

29-Ariel R



18-Ed/Baby G (Bulacan North)

29-Danny/Lani M (Bulacan North)



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